Chris Divine

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I am Chris from Divine, others call me Bunmi. I.AM.QUEEN. is mine and Ameenat's creation. I have a dream, I want that dream to become reality. I love God, always will. I've come to realise He is the only reason why I am living. If it weren't for Him, I would have killed myself, I swear. The world is unbearable sometimes. Not necessarily my life (it's quite good), just the world. I've came to a conclusion that it's not home, just a temporary house. A run down motel. My palace awaits me, but for now, I'm trying to construct it. In order to complete it, I need to finish my work here on earth first. That's my belief, if you don't like, lump it. My Christian brothers and sisters understand me though. BLACK POWER! Keep it real, yo. Lol. I love being black, dark skinned to be precise. I love my colour. I love black music.. Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross, my Motown king and queen! Erykah excites me. Michael Jackson completes me. My passed away husband who I never even got to meet. Stevie Wonder's 'All I do' will never leave my soul. Saddest love song ever. Oh and Shalamar! Can't forget Shalamar! Their song 'I Can Make You Feel Good' had me crying for a week and I had no idea why. Wiz Khalifa thrills me! Something about them tatts and his 24/7 doubie rolling .. Leave Amber and be with me! "You can't make a hoe a housewife".. True. You hear that Wiz aka my dear Cameron Jibril? (His real name is beautiful). There's one man I pray to God for. A white man. His name is James Franco. A definition of beauty, sexy and HOT! God, this man's beauty actually strikes me like a lightning bolt to my heart. Lol. No joke. Though I really dislike the world, I love London.. Born and raised there. You can't live the life anywhere else. Although, Dubai is the city I've always dreamed of owning a beach house in, right beside the man-made alarmingly blue sea shaped like a tropical tree.. Ooo, I rhymed :D.... Okayy, I got wayyy to carried away with this 'about me' this time around. Just follow and chat to/ask me any questions. Peace.

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